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How to increase your salary: You will have to do or be more to increase your salary. I'm serious! You've already been pigeonholed and to get the pay you deserve you need to show you can feither for the company, or if you must then away from the company.

1) Update your skills: Take proper training or certifications that could lead to a right promotion. 'In some companies, if you don't have a bachelor's degree, you can't advance to the next level. If you have experience then you should have good command in your skill and experience.

2) Make yourself visible: Network and merge, make sure you are continualvisible to others in your company and your workplace. At work, take on difficult challenges and make sure that management is aware of your contributions. And management knows how important you are in your company.

3) Get comfortable negotiating salary raises: If you got a job offer or salary increment but the salary is lower than what you want. Then you have right to negotiate with salary. If you don't satisfy with it, time to start searching for another opportunity.

4) Absorb and adapt to new methods: Things are changing quickly, your enthusiasm for change and adaptability to new ideas are to how your work values you and could lead to a salary increase.

5) Become a necessitous expert: Always learn about your line of work, so that you stay current with trends, new ideas and developments. Your strategy might include going to industry conferences, reading industry publications or setting up regular lunch meetings with others in your field to exchange information and ideas. This is a great key to increasing your salary.