Profile Verification

Profile verification Service, you can get your profile's credentials like academic & employment verified by the company, and wins recruiters' trust to get more interview calls. As per company need, Management verify Education for verifying your highest education, Employment verification for verifying current, previous or both employments.

We provides two types of verification services:

Employment verification

Education verification

Employment Verification:

with verification of your employment credentials, ruminate using this service. We have expert team for verifiers and professionals who check and verify all the credentials, certificates and other documents regarding your previous experience and the companies you worked previousand your last designation.

Recruiters trust will be built on your professional achievements

Appto desired jobs with utmost confidence

Enhance your chances of getting more interview calls

Education verification

All education verification to verify your document, you may have an edge on definite things, From lower to higher studies, every educational qualification of you will be verified. Once verification is completed successfully, you will get an authentication certificate which states that all your certificates and documents are completeverified. With our service, you have to chance to get these benefits

Education verification provides you an edge on variety of things

Your highest education will be verified

Benefits of Employment verification:

The Work Number for Everyone provides all information included on Employment Verifications plus pay rate and total income for the current and past two years. Income is broken down by base pay, overtime, commission, bonuses, and other income

Select Your Experience

Profile Verification(Current) Rs.3200
Profile Verification(Past) Rs.3200
Profile Verification(Current & Past) Rs.4500
Profile Verification(Education) Rs.3500
Profile Verification(Employment & Education) Rs.6500


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